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The power of rapid changes

Technology changes fast - people and organizations don't.

Think about going from traditional business reporting to a data science approach. Or introducing a new business system. Or changing your company's position in the value chain. Or getting your customers to prefer a different channel for customer service. The task may seem daunting, requiring new technology, upskilling of employees, persuasion of customers and business partners and new working processes.


Traditional change management frameworks, such as the ADKAR model, McKinsey's 7S model and Kotter's 8-step change model all provide guidance and are widely used. Still, 70% of all major transformations fail.

The reason? Too many organizations fail to acknowledge that 20% of change is about frameworks, plans, road maps and spreadsheets and 80% about execution.

A clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and why it is essential is needed. You have heard it many times, it is the easy part. But getting the organization's buy-in isn't. Communication must resonate with audience, relate to their particular situation and strike an emotional string. Emotions are exactly that - something that creates motion.

Employees, customers or business partners need to understand how their particular working day will be affected. And they need the right tools and skill sets to master them.

Start small, create success stories and communicate them. Be open about the implications of the change, detail the desired behaviour, uncover barriers and underlying motivation, address them and reward those who change.

Given the right mind-set, solutions can prove surprisingly simple.

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