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The power of smart software engineering

Technology is a mean to create value, not a goal in itself. This may sound obvious, but tends too often to be neglected. Businesses are optimistic, embrace new technology and any opportunity that comes with it.

However, smart solutions are more often based on a mix of technology already in place, the competence of your employees and what new technology can bring.


Obtaining a good overview of your needs and the business potential is a must before defining or building your solutions. Our mantra is «Build and use what you need, and do it in a manner that enables the people in your organization to use, refine and maintain the technology over time.»

Complexity should not be feared. Introducing unnecessary complexity should. Simple solutions tend to prove sufficient. Getting started may not be that hard and the final solution does not have to turn out that costly - provided you take advantage of technology the smart way.

To ensure delivering value, we focus on five questions when defining and developing small or large solutions, data platforms, data warehouses or analysis platforms:

  1. Who of the senior executives are genuinely motivated to succeed with the initiative?
  2. What issues are of limited complexity, but will generate considerable value when solved?
  3. Who from the business side can free up time to work closely with us?
  4. What technology is possible to re-use and what is the minimum of new technology that must be introduced?
  5. To what extent does the new technology fit into the organization's capability to maintain it over time?

When it comes to choosing the right technology, internal resistance among the tech employees is quite common. This engagement should be taken advantage of, driving a creative friction between business needs and tech employees having the shoes on. When moving on to the next project, employees will feel heard, able to manage the new technology and responsible for solutions delivering business value.

Smart Engineering projects

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