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About us

House of Mindshift

Energy, speedy results and generating effects. That is what it is about. Free of rigid frameworks, clutter and old habits. We want people and businesses to be energized and find a way fast forward to a better future. Quite often, the solution proves surprisingly simple.

Jørgen & Bjørn:

"20% of change is about frameworks and plans, 80% is about execution"

What you get when working with us

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    We believe every organization has an untapped potential – one that could benefit the business, the employees and the society at large

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    We base everything we do on solid data, smart use of technology, knowledge of behaviour science and our business experience.

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    We believe innovation happens when cross‑functional teams and people with different perspectives are given the space and social security to generate creative friction.

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    We are hands‑on and believe in pragmatic use of best practices, using frameworks and methods to our advantage, not as straightjackets.

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    Ethical behaviour is key to us. We believe in always being open about the implications of change initiatives.

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    We do not shy away when the PowerPoint is presented, we stay to make changes stick.

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    We value energy, speed and seeing the effects of everything we do.


Solving problems for customers in all industries and of all sizes.

  • Klaveness

    Becoming a data-driven organization

    Becoming a data-driven organization

    In the shipping industry, data capturing, data analytics and eventually data‑driven decision making has become vital to stay competitive.

    But how do you transform the organization to master these skills?

    Read more

  • Direktoratet for Byggkvalitet

    Building a sector-wide digital ecosystem

    Building a sector-wide digital ecosystem
    The Directorate for Building Quality is a national competence center in the building area. An important task is to be a driving force for simplification and innovation in the construction sector.

    Read more

  • Oslo Municipality

    Littering and behaviour

    Littering and behaviour

    Is there more littering in neighboorhood A than B? Answering this simple question is a tough methodological challenge and potentially a lot of hard work.

    Oslo municipality

  • Fremtind

    Customer experience strategy for increased market share

    Smiling man standing behind a car
    Becoming customer‑focused is high on the agenda in many sectors, and banking/insurance is no exception. But what do customers really demand, what should characterize the customer experience and how should a company proceed to deliver this experience in order to increase its market share?

    Fremtind insurance

  • Segmentation based on behavioural analysis

    Statens Pensjonskasse

    Statens Pensjonskasse

    Statens Pensjonskasse is focused on effective processe, so the members will receive as much as possible for their pensions. To identify precise measures for increased self service, the members were segmented after their behaviour. Members with similar behaviours and drivers were placed in the same segment. After this, a number of highly focused measures were identified to influence their behaviours.

    This resulted in a data platform that enables continous segmentation of the members, based on actual behaviour, cost effective and precise measures for increased self service behaviour.

    Statens Pensjonskasse

  • Philip Morris

    Nudging for sustainable behavior

    Nudging for sustainable behavior

    In 2014, smoking became illegal inside pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and most workplaces. Smokers were forced out on the streets, resulting in an increase in littering and negative environmemtal impact. How do you change littering behaviour and how can you prove the change is statistically valid?

    Philip Morris

Our competencies

Mindshift are relevant, competent and hands on ‑ with solid execution capabilities. They developed concepts that brought us forward, while keeping feet on the ground. They delivered on time with high quality. The team possessed superior technology competence and delivered pedagogical solutions under solid project management.

Trine Hellum, HR Director Klaveness

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Ambitious business manager with a complex issues to solve? Potential colleague who enjoy challenging old habits? Let's talk!


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