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Customer experience strategy for increased market share

Becoming customer-focused is high on the agenda in many sectors, and banking/insurance is no exception. But what do customers really demand, what should characterize the customer experience and how should a company proceed to deliver this experience in order to increase its market share?

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SpareBank 1 Insurance/Fremtind is one of the largest insurance companies in Norway - and the largest supplier of insurance sold through the banking channel. Their customers are both individuals and companies, and they expect services that meet their needs.


Mindshift was responsible for creating a strategy for customer experience. Key to the process was a series of in-depth interviews with customers, several sessions with customer-facing functions within Fremtind, qualitative and quantitative analysis, competitive positioning analysis and management team workshops.

The report provided a fresh perspective of each customer segment and detailed the desired customer experience, both at an emotional, reflective and behavioural level. It provided guidelines and examples on how to deliver this experience through customer support conversations, digital interfaces and advertising. The report also included a tactical implementation plan, as well as organizational development advise to ensure consistent customer experiences in the long-term.

Within distribution, one will see a fragmentation as a result of e.g. e-aggregators, where customers can compare prices and buy insurance products digitally. When customer preferences change and insurance products become a commodity, they will be able to displace traditional distribution channels.One type of aggregator may be technology suppliers with a stronger brand than the insurance companies. By entering the insurance market, they can take advantage of their customer base and the extensive data and distribution power they have.

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