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Company-wide adoption of new technology

Tech adoption at an organizational level can be a slow affair. It is not only about configuring the new system and training the employees. The real challenge is employee buy-in and changing the way work gets done.


Unlock the potential

What happens if we have a one‑sided focus on the technology and what it should solve for us? New applications are always evaluated in terms of their functionality and usability. And when planning their implementation, the technical activities get all the funding, when in reality, the hard part is getting employees to accept and use it and change their behaviour and processes.

Veidekke is a leading construction contractor in Scandinavia. In 2020, they started implementing a new HR system to improve employee experience, people management and HR process efficiency.

Realising that the new software would demand new management behaviour and skills, Veidekke hired Mindshift to provide guidance.


Mindshift performed a mapping of the company culture based on our tool Unlock Drivers, focusing on the underlying motivational drivers among employees. The analysis enabled us to predict pitfalls and how the software's «personality», tone‑of‑voice and functionality fit the company culture. A meta message was formulated, to ensure acceptance and understanding of why the new software was necessary, and to make employees tick emotionally about the system. The insight was also the foundation for redesign of the interface, so that the behavioural design harmonized with Veidekke's culture, drivers and barriers.

When introducing new technology, taking a broader perspective, including competencies, culture, mindsets and behaviour change, increases the value by 15 times compared to the value of focusing on the technology alone.



  • Unit

    Design of target architecture

    Design of target architecture

    UNIT’s mission is to serve as an innovative driver of digitalisation within higher education and research. UNIT develops and manages a joint IT architecture for standardisation of processes, of data and technical interfaces across the sector. Mindshift designed the target architecture for co‑ordinated systems and integration services, including principles for system modernisation, a new platform for API development and coaching of UNIT’s developers, to improve efficiency of design and implementation of new services.


  • Statens Pensjonskasse

    Implementation of regulations and customer service

    Implementation of regulations and customer service

    Statens Pensjonskasse (SPK) established a programme in 2018 for handling the consequencs of regulatory changes in pension schemes for public sector employees – the PRO25 programme. Mindshift facilitated and contributed to a pre‑study directed towards phase two of the programme, which covers implementation of new regulations and customer service. The pre‑study took a broad perspective, including IT‑architecture, system support for vital processes, implementation of regulations and social responsibility, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their pension.

    Statens Pensjonskasse

  • Samordningsrådet for digitalisering

    Collaboration board for digitalization

    Collaboration board for digitalization

    The Collaboration board for digitalisation was appointed by the Minister of Local Government and Modernisation to enable efficient engineering and construction processes, digitalisation and sustainability in the sector. The board consists of 12 senior executives representing construction enterprises, property owners, architects, engineering companies and the public sector. Mindshift facilitates the process, including identification of drivers and barriers, definition of opportunities and initiating and following up pilot projects.

    Samordningsrådet for digitalisering

  • Klaveness

    Becoming a data-driven organization

    Becoming a data-driven organization
    In the shipping industry, data capturing, data analytics and eventually data‑driven decision making has become vital to stay competitive. But how do you transform the organization to master these skills?

    Read more

  • Data platform



    Mindshift established a new data platform for Statped based on Microsoft Azure. Mindshift also developed a set of reports in Power BI for case management and follow‑up, statistics on usage of Statped’s services and tracking of KPI performance related to goals, as stated in the government allocation letter. The reports were designed in close co‑operation between our data engineers and behaviour scientists to ensure usability, user adoption and required actions by the users.


⁠ ⁠Our tool m/unlock will provide you with the insights you need to remove barriers, get people on board and identify the right actions.
m/unlock is created by our own behaviour scientists and data scientists, and based on proven scientific methods.


By combining m/unlock with quantitative business data, you will get insight into what or on whom to focus, e.g. what customer segment for which a behaviour change will have the most value for the business. m/unlock provides an understanding of how to manage, help or change your selected target group.

m/unlock consists of several individual surveys, each taking 15 minutes to complete. m/unlock is not a licensed product, but a tool you get access to when contracting Mindshift for an assignment.

Each module is described in further detail below.


Bruk /unlock når du som leder ønsker reell effekt av tiltakene du gjør:


Bli en datadrevet organisasjon?

Mange snakker om det, få vet hvor de skal begynne. /unlock gir deg en oversikt over hva det å være datadrevet vil si for akkurat din virksomhet. Og hvor du står i dag, hva potensialet er og hvordan du skal realisere det.​


Få fortgang i adopsjonen av ny teknologi?

Virksomheter investerer i nye systemer som skal forbedre produktiviteten, gi bedre kontroll eller forbedre kundeopplevelsen. Men teknologien får ofte all fokus og brukerne glemmes. Med /unlock får du vite hva som skal til for å få brukerne raskt opp og gå på teknologi du har investert i.​

​/ ⁠

Ta bedre finansielle beslutninger

Vi liker å tro at vi er rasjonelle vesener som tar veloverveide beslutninger, spesielt de som har finansielle konsekvenser. Men personlig beslutningsstil varierer og har større innvirkning enn du tror. /unlock avdekker hvert enkelt individs personlige beslutningsstil og hvordan de kan utnytte denne innsikten til bedre beslutninger.​


Øk presisjonen i kundesegmenteringen

Mange virksomheter har mye data om egne kunders interaksjon med produkter og tjenester. Med /unlock kan man kombinere atferdsdata (hva som skjer) med en forståelse for hvorfor det skjer (surveydata) og bli mer treffsikker i segmentering og utforming av tiltak.​

/ ⁠​

Reduser kundefrafallet

Innsikt om kundefrafall og win‑back samtaler er fint, men det kommer med en pris, som regel i form av rabatter eller annet som koster. Med /unlock kan du kombinere kunders atferdsdata med hva de sier er årsaken til at de ønsker å avslutte kundeforholdet. Med god innsikt i driverne for kundefrafallet kan du ta mer strategiske grep, slik at framtidig kundefrafall reduseres.​

A survey‑based tool that uncovers the underlying motivational drivers of your employees or customers.


The survey is based on best practice within behaviour psychology and contains 85 statements for respondents to rate. These will reveal what is driving people when confronted with a choice, such as buying a product, using a new tool or applying for a new position.

The survey takes 15 minutes to complete and may be distributed through any online channel. Result reports are readily integrated with Power BI and SharePoint for drill‑down analysis and may also be shared on your intranet, if applicable.

The results provide a sound basis for analysis and development of an action plan for your challenge at hand.

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