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Successfully integrating refugees

Refugees face an enormous task when entering a new country. A new life must be built in an unfamiliar place, with a new language and a new culture where everything is just different from home. How can the local municipality facilitate this transition?


Behaviour change

What happens if we can change environmental behaviour using contextual nudges? How can we easily guide people to live more sustainable?

Littering has comprehensive environmental consequences, where cigarette butts are the most representative waste. Thus, influencing people to reduce littering of cigarette butts, can lead to major environmental ripple effects.

Based on knowledge about human cognition, decision making and behaviour, Mindshift conducted a series of experiments done on cigarette butt littering in a crowded urban area. Different measures were introduced to capture the attention of the smokers and to nudge them into the right behaviour.

Mindshift developed a unique methodology for securing validity and reliability in collecting and analyzing data. The results displayed an 208 % increase in use of the bin. This implies an estimated reduction of 1.23 million cigarette butts a year*, if the measures had been implemented throughout the city.

The project demonstrates the importance of attention if you want to change behaviour in a busy environment, as well as the effectiveness of nudging techniques ‑ influencing people through targeted behavioural design.

*Estimation based on numbers from Sneipfritt indicating that 2.4 million cigarette butts are thrown on the ground every year in Oslo

Within distribution, one will see a fragmentation as a result of e.g. e-aggregators, where customers can compare prices and buy insurance products digitally. When customer preferences change and insurance products become a commodity, they will be able to displace traditional distribution channels.One type of aggregator may be technology suppliers with a stronger brand than the insurance companies. By entering the insurance market, they can take advantage of their customer base and the extensive data and distribution power they have.

Sustainability sector

  • Direktoratet for Byggkvalitet

    Building a sector-wide digital ecosystem

    Building a sector-wide digital ecosystem

    Citizens struggle finding planning documentation relevant to their own property. When they do, they are difficult to interpret and do not provide straightforward answers to their questions – typically, can I build what I have in mind? Mindshift executed a pilot project on behalf of DiBk, in co‑operation with three local municipalities, in which heavily used planning documents were presented on the muncipalities’ websites. The presentations provided simplified texts and visuals that enabled citizens to get their questions answered quickly and reducing traffic to the call centres.

    Direktoratet for Byggkvalitet

  • Nasjonal transportplan

    Predicting future behaviour in the transport sector

    Predicting future behaviour in the transport sector

    Planning of new roads and other transportation infrastructure has never been more difficult. New disruptive technologies create uncertainty about modes of transportation, adoption by the population and need for capacity in the infrastructure.

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  • Philip Morris

    Nudging for sustainable behavior

    Nudging for sustainable behavior

    In 2014, smoking became illegal inside pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and most workplaces. Smokers were forced out on the streets, resulting in an increase in littering and negative environmemtal impact. How do you change littering behaviour and how can you prove the change is statistically valid?

    Philip Morris

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    How to get the organization to adopt new technology

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