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Experts in data-driven behavioural change

Now more than ever, business leaders must navigate in a complex world. A world in which technology and people are part of the solution, as well as part of the problem. No wonder organizations get lost in poor decision making, endless change projects and targets out of focus.

There is a better way. A way where data provides the insight, actions are targeted and results imminent. Where the smartest heads within data science and behaviour science provide the key.

Every organization has an untapped potential – one that could benefit the business, the employees and the society at large.

We are here to help unleash that potential.

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Creating value

We change mindsets, technology and processes for increased business outcome


Discover extraordinary projects

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Solving problems for customers in all industries and of all sizes, by combining smart use of technology with a deep understanding of human behaviour.


Unleash the potential

Imagine if evolving a business was a collaborative, inspirational and curious affair - insight lead and focused on unleashing the potential of individuals and the business. Mindshift has developed a model, a set of tools and an ethos built on exactly that.




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